TECH Conference Europe Speaker Profile: Isaac T. Armoni (Esq./MBA) Chief Executive Officer at Wallter

TECH Conference Europe Speaker Profile: Isaac T. Armoni (Esq./MBA) Chief Executive Officer at Wallter

#TCE2020VE – The Autumn (Virtual) Edition of TECH Conference Europe will take place on the 24th November and is part of Hipther Festival.

We are happy to provide you with the opportunity of attending the conference for free thanks to our Registration Sponsor, Altenar.

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The event gathers developers, CEOs, managers and compliance experts from several industries and the main focus of the Autumn Edition is AI, Blockchain and Fintech. The experts will touch base on subjects such as financial disruption, financial inclusion, DeFi, cryptocurrency credibility, human-machine ethic, the use of Blockchain and AI in healthcare and the hospitality industry and many more.

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Today, we are introducing you to one of these experts whom you can hear present or moderate at TECH Conference Europe, which is now a virtual event due to the 2020 year’s challenges.

Isaac is a Banking, Compliance and Legal professional with proven 20+ years track record of success while working for various global companies and Banks. Employing his comprehensive experience in Venture Capital, IT, Start-up, Banking, Finance, Aviation, Compliance and Corporate Banking, Isaac brings his proven expertise, knowledge and network of international Banks, Affiliates, Lawyers and other service providers to Wallter®. Isaac Holds a LLB and IMBA (cum laude) degrees.

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