Stefania Barbaglio

Founder and Director at Cassiopeia Services

Stefania Barbaglio: Disruptor, Entrepreneur, Investor, PR Marketing Guru, Business Strategist and Advisor

Stefania Barbaglio is a London-based tech investor and entrepreneur.

She has advised a range of private and listed companies across various sectors in PR and marketing campaigns, business strategy and facilitating multiple deals globally. She is the founder of both the UK-based boutique Investor & Public Relations agency Cassiopeia Services and online TV channel FinancialFox: the real-deal City of London financial show featuring exclusive interviews with entrepreneurs, innovators, listed company CEOs, and market leaders. An influencer with a large investor following, Stefania is considered one of the top British female digital PR & Marketing experts in the crypto/blockchain space as well as having guided various firms in business development, fundraising and organisational dynamics; Stefania has led numerous large-scale tech and investment events. In the tech sector, she has consulted with a range of international fintech, data, AI and blockchain application-focused companies on their ground-breaking projects. She is a regular keynote speaker on new technology disruption, blockchain, innovation and fashion tech, cybersecurity, reputation management and data breaches, alternative investment, social empowerment, and marketing strategies which focus on building strong communities. Stefania also organises regular symposia for public companies and start-ups: investor presentation and networking evenings in exclusive private venues.

Stefania is a fellow and alumna of Oxford University and holds two MAs: International Journalism from Westminster University (UK) and TV Production from IULM University (Italy). She previously spent ten years as a freelance financial journalist and producer for mainstream TV channels including Bloomberg, BBC & leading in-house Investor Relations & PR departments.

Entrepreneur, fashionista, mentor, networker: Stefania has an eagle eye for investment and innovation.