Ștefan Stamate

Co-owner of Loop Virtual Reality Solutions

Ștefan is the Co-owner of Loop Virtual Reality Solutions (Partipipal Events), DJ, VR360 video editor and  tech manager.
Founding member of the Partipipal community (2006) alongside which he has created numerous events, he became DJ Fane la Platane in 2010. In paralel his passion for computers and tech brought him to a new challenge: virtual reality. Since his first experiences in 2016 and until now he developed the Loop Virtual Reality Solutions brand as part of Partipipal Events. Since then he has collaborated with numerous agencies and partners for innovative projects, some of them as premieres in Romania. Starting 2019 he joins  the VR Theatre project where theatre and VR360 videos merge into new and wonderful adaptations such as Ken Kesey’s One flew over the cuckoo’s nest  and Edna Mazya’s Games in the backyard.