Sönke Kirchhof


Sönke Kirchhof is CEO of INVR.SPACE GmbH and reallifefilm international GmbH where he works as a producer, director, stereographer and consultant. He is also a sought-after instructor for workshops and lectures @ Universities and private Academies.
Sönke studied “Political Sciences” (University of Hamburg) and “Film and TV Production” at the Film University Babelsberg, where he gained his diploma “with distinction” on immersive media & stereoscopic 3D filmmaking. In this millenium, he worked on several 100s of Projects for Cinema, TV, Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR / AR) as well as streaming to mobile and IP based devices. Sönke Kirchhof was one of the first founders of internet TV stations in Germany in 2005. In 2006 he founded “reallifefilm international”, a Company highly specialized in stereoscopic (S3D) film-making from development to post- production, VFX and correlating Research & Development of technologies. In quintessence to working on immersive projects as well as exploring innovative creative fields and technology standards, he founded INVR.SPACE GmbH in 2015. While reallifefilm international GmbH produces „framed“ feature films, documentaries, commercials and live broadcast content for Cinema and TV, INVR.SPACE GmbH produces the same formats and genres – but is focused on „unframed“ 360° Video, VR, AR / MR as well as projection mapping and panorama projections. Together INVR and reallifefilm are the parent companies for “360 Camrent”, a joint brand rental house that specialises on Equipment for immersive media creation and distribution, from Cameras to Headsets, from Custom made rigs to tailor rigged projection systems and virtual production environments.
INVR.SPACE GmbH is among the leading Virtual Reality Studios in Germany and has participated in more than thousand of projects as production studio or service provider. INVR works with innovative cooperation partners from around the globe in international co-productions, thus having an outstanding competence in and overview of state-of-the-art virtual production technologies, proven by several internationally renown Awards from Festivals and Conferences.
As one of the latest developments, in early 2020 INVR released its self developed META.SPACE Plattform that allows Conferences and Festivals to happen in full format, but virtual, without loosing the opportunity to (social) network with other participants, discuss in panels, present in Keynotes or even present 360° Videos and 6DOF Experiences to worldwide audiences with – and without  – Headsets in dedicated environments that suit the Contents purpose regarding UX and UI. Releases of customised Builds include the London International Film Festival (BFI) or Stereopsia Conference in Brussels, including the full exhibition and Lumiere Awards (AIS EMEA) selection. The platform itself was Awarded at VR Days Europe in Amsterdam with the prestigious HALO Award in November 2020.
The core expertise of INVR is related to visual storytelling with a strong emotional response to the viewer. As service production company, INVR offers all aspects from content development to post-production in a “one stop shop“ or “full service studio“ for 360° Video, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. In fields of R&D, Business and Social Networks we can rely on our long lasting collaborations with partners from research and development facilities, educational institutions, rental houses, post-production – including spatial sound, content Marketing / international Distribution Agencys & Technology Partners for Sales. INVR employs 12 permanent staff members at the moment and a large number of free-lancers on the different projects we are working on.