Ricky Booker

Founder & CEO at Tradestreet

Ricky Booker is the Founder and CEO of Tradestreet, a digital exchange platform and ecosystem for the forex and cryptocurrency markets, built on blockchain. Ricky began his journey as a seasoned investor who not only has over seven years of experience as a forex expert but equal amount of experience within the crypto space and blockchain. In 2009 he started his entrepreneurial endeavors in the real estate market during the U.S. recession; however, It did not take long for him to realize his true passion was in the financial market and investment assets. Ricky founded BPI, his very first investing company, in 2010, which specializes in residential and commercial real estate acquisitions, becoming an accredited company in the city of Phoenix, Arizona. In late 2016, he created an online academy, “EliteFX”, that allowed novices in currency trading to have the opportunity to learn quality information regarding both forex and cryptocurrency space. Less than two years later, Ricky mentored over 600 traders worldwide to join his open public online academy. He has been featured on podcast episodes and radio stations sharing his knowledge as a forex and crypto enthusiast