Märt Aro

Märt Aro Co-Founder at DreamApply and European EdTech Alliance

Märt Aro’s involvement in the field of education development dates back to his secondary school years which saw Märt organizing educational events for peers on a national level.

Since 2004, Märt has established several organizations and companies in the area of education development.

The latest solution, DreamApply.com Student Application Management Platform, Märt co-founded in 2011. Today DreamApply is used by 250 universities from 35 countries, serving millions of users a year.

The most recent NGO Nordic EdTech Forum – N8 brings together 140 founders of education innovation initiatives from eight Northern European countries with the aim of sharing experience and fostering cooperation.

In order to drive education forward, Märt regularly collaborates with: Estonian Ministry of Education and Research, Bolt, European Commission.