Kevin Blair

Director at ATMOS VR LTD

Kevin has spent the past three years developing a unique VR LBE – inspired by the potential to entertain the public by immersing them in large scale VR experiences. The new multiplayer free-roaming interactive game is being developed with post-COVID audiences in mind and will offer strictly player-controlled, socially-distanced entertainment across the one-hour shows when it opens this summer 2021. Atmos VR has secured financing from Insight Media Fund and is combining its VR expertise with the Fund’s Creative Industries partnerships to provide virtual solutions for businesses during the pandemic and beyond.

Atmos VR has been able to quickly adapt and help companies continue to operate in the virtual landscape, with new ways to train, explain and inspire by recreating some sense of belonging for organisations coming to terms with doing things over distance, quicker and more cost effectively than when face to face was the norm.


Kevin started his career working at a senior level in avionics and control systems for the Royal Air Force, he simultaneously also set up and ran an events company servicing the military. His experience as both a Technical creator in the virtual space and Events director provides a unique dual perspective to the industry.