Helen Doron

Founder and CEO, Helen Doron Educational Group

Helen Doron is a linguist scientist, educator, and the founder of the Helen Doron Educational Group, which recently celebrated its 35th anniversary. The Group has over 1000 learning centers world-wide for the following brands: Helen Doron English, MathRiders, Helen Doron International (kindergartens and primary schools). Helen taught English language and literature at Poitiers University in France, she became a teacher of the Transcendental Meditation technique, and then did her MA in Linguistics in Israel. In 1985, she developed the Helen Doron method for teaching languages that that allows children to easily learn a new language like their mother tongue. Teaching English to ages 3 months – 19 years, the method is now in 38 countries and over 3 million children have learnt with it. Helen is now leading a new company for the development of e-learning of English through gamification.