Dmitry Nedovis

CEO of SummarizeBot

Dmitry Nedovis is the Chief Executive Officer of SummarizeBot.

SummarizeBot – is the data science and AI-driven company specialising in information extraction, structuring and analysis. We apply state-of-the-art artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing and blockchain technologies to simplify complex processes and automate what previously required human-level intelligence. Our company developed and patented the most advanced AI analytical algorithms for legal, consulting, financial, publishing, media, automotive, healthcare, pharmaceutical, hospitality, travel and others industries. SummarizeBot’s team at the moment focused on global scientific problems solving related to abstractive summarization, question answering systems and predictive analytics for fintech industry. The team constantly is invited to take part in international data science challenges and competitions, that allows us to be on the wave of the latest AI and machine learning trends.