Coral Gorstein

Compliance & E-Merchant Services Director, Tal Ron, Drihem & Co.

Coral Gorstein was raised in the US to a Zionist-Jewish Family and divided her time studying and living in Miami and California. Coral came to Israel to pursue a unique combination of Theatre and Physics and later joined the army, where she served for almost 3 years as a flight simulator’ instructor in Israel’s elite IDF unit. Coral is a keen traveler and lifestyle influencer, who has worked with one of the largest Israeli Forex Brokers – Smart Capital, in Ramat Gan since its establishment in 2015. Coral joined the financial and tech industries initially as a compliance expert, then promoted to a dealing room executive, all while leading a professional fashion and photography modeling career which she developed for the last 8 years. Between those achievements, she also pursued her 3-year studies of 3D animation and game development, before joining the award-winning team of Tal Ron, Drihem & Co. in 2021. Coral has specific interest in 3d games as well as casino and gambling applications. In Tal Ron, Drihem & Co., she is Compliance and E-Merchant Services Director, working with the firm’s top clients in the casino, finance and gaming verticals.