Christian Rouffaer

Head of the Virtual Reality Unit @ International Committee of the Red Cross - ICRC

After serving the Swiss army for a few years, Christian Rouffaer joined the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in 2001 and worked in several countries, such as, in Afghanistan, Yemen, Darfur, Myanmar, the Ivory Coast, South Sudan, and a few countries in the Horn of Africa. The nature of his work ranged from visiting detainees, delivering food assistance to vulnerable populace affected by a conflict to assuring the proper delivery of health-care services and focusing efforts in the promotion of International Humanitarian Law (Law of War). Since 2014, Christian has been in charge of the ICRC’s video games project and ICRC’s Virtual Reality department, located in Bangkok and Belgrade. The work includes the production of new VR training tools and multiplayer simulations using Unreal Engine from Epic Games and the development of partnerships with the video game industry.