Candace Pittenger

Founder and CEO at The AngelGirl Foundation

Candace Pittenger is the Founder and CEO of The AngelGirl Foundation, a successful entrepreneur, consultant, and author, an award-winning Community Leader, and Wayshower. Wellness and optimum health are the cornerstones of her work helping humanity and our world to thrive on all levels.

Throughout her thirty plus year career, Candace has touched the lives of thousands across the USA and worldwide with her unique talents and gifts by mentoring them through her wellness and training programs, non-profit agencies, and businesses.

Candace’s expertise is highly sought after by individuals, startups, and CEOs of large and small businesses, alike. Her unique and playful combination includes – applying her own Energy Intelligence (EI) practices with intuitive wisdom, knowledge and life experience, training people of all ages in developing their own EI, writing how-to books and adventure novels, and collaborating with likeminded groups and organizations. Together, this winning blend brings great joy and brilliance to the masses.

What Candace refers to as EI is the tuning into our inner selves, animals, and nature including the oceans, and the stars. She is a Master and has extended her talent to the fields of AI, VR, and XR through The AngelGirl Foundation. She truly believes and is passionate that the combination of EI and all virtual applications gives us access to new communication with them, including what they can teach us, literally; taking us to the next level and future of growth in wellness for humanity and the world.

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