Registrations are open for TECH Conference Europe CEE Edition, gathering tech enthusiasts in cyberspace on 16th of March

Registrations are open for TECH Conference Europe CEE Edition, gathering tech enthusiasts in cyberspace on 16th of March

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TECH Conference Europe CEE Edition will have a special focus on innovation in AI, Immersive Experiences, Mobility, and Smart Cities

We’re excited to announce that the registrations for the CEE Edition of TECH Conference Europe are now open. You can register for free here!

The virtual conference will take place on the 16h of March and everyone is invited to join and hear the latest development in AI, Immersive Experiences, Mobility, and Smart Cities.

The conference also offers invites innovative startups to pitch their projects to the investor audience.

Here are some of the topics on the agenda:

Creativity in Gaming & Animation: Immersive experiences

2020 was a critical year in games design and we predict that 2021 will shape the industry for the years to come. Immersive experiences are now more appealing and are here to stay!

Security and Privacy in Artificial, Virtual and Mixed Reality

There is no doubt Big Data raises huge concerns when it comes to privacy, and when it faces the user, the concerns are even higher. As we are fully engaged in the Fourth Industrial Revolution (or Industry 4.0), we must make certain that these loopholes are well covered.

Self-driving cars, where are we at? – safety, investment, setbacks

The developments in the self-driving cars are not new, but there is certainly something stopping it from being mainstream. Or, is this about to change in 2021 and beyond?

Mobility and Smart Cities

The idea of smart cities have long been debated and experimented in remote areas. Currently we are facing a crisis which needs the urgent implementation of smart cities to reduce the effect of climate change. However, we must be very smart about it!

Training and Education in XR – development and implementation

The pandemic has pushed online education to a new frontier. Even if it happened aggressively, not all implementations are fully used by educational bodies. The use of XR is reshaping education as we know it.

StartUps: Pitching Innovation

A dive into the latest innovations, brought to you by CEE startups.

Health and Wellness – AI and XR Integrations

The Health industry has been long experimenting with AI and XR integrations, but we need to push the boundaries further. Whenever we are talking about tackling cancer, doing self-care or enjoying a wellness weekend, the technology is already there.


More topics will be added to the agenda as the demand is high from tech companies. The organizers are inviting all tech experts to nominate speakers here.

For further inquiries about the peaking/attending/sponsoring options, make sure to send an e-mail to Andrada Bota (B2B Sales Executive at Hipther Agency).

Among the supporters of the conference, you will also find the Georgian Venture Capital Association as a strategic partner, and leading media outlets such as Coins Flare, Embassy of Blockchain, CoinPedia, TechEvents Online, AI Time Journal, Cassiopeia Services,, TechieScoops, and many more.

Visit for more details!

For media-related inquiries, please contact Alexandru Marginean (Marketing Specialist at Hipther Agency).